Mike Pence: A Record of Leadership, Service and Accomplishment

Throughout his time serving Hoosiers, Mike Pence has established a record of serving his constituents and championing fiscal responsibility, smaller government and economic growth. His leadership and legislative accomplishments resulted in him being recognized as one of the hardest working members of Congress[1] , Mike Pence has a voting record of more than 95 percent.

Service to Constituents

95percent2Mike Pence has helped more than 10,000 Hoosiers in their dealings with the federal government, including assistance with economic development and grants, and solutions for issues with Social Security/Disability, Medicare, the military, military academies, veterans affairs, FEMA, the IRS, agriculture, Homeland Security/TSA, immigration, passports and visas.

Mike has advocated tirelessly for Hoosiers who have been victims of natural disasters, including ice storms, floods and drought to receive federal assistance to help get them back on their feet.

Mike has held an annual job fair for the Sixth Congressional District, which has been attended by more than 6,000 Hoosier job seekers over 12 years. In addition to helping match employers with applicants, the job fair provides resume and interview workshops and other assistance to attendees.

Championing Fiscal Responsibility, Smaller Government and Economic Growth:

Mike Pence has been a strong voice for fiscal responsibility, smaller government and economic growth throughout his career.

During his time in Congress, Mike Pence:

  • deficit-reduction1Served as the main catalyst for the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 that saved taxpayers nearly $40 billion. Of Mike’s work, J. Dennis Hastert, who was Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives at the time said, “Mike’s work cutting federal spending is distinct and unparalleled. Nowhere is that more evident than during his tireless advocacy that led to the Deficit Reduction Act, legislation that he was instrumental in guiding through Congress and that ultimately saved the American people tens of billions of dollars;”
  • Opposed runaway federal spending by both political parties that increased the burden on taxpayers and small businesses: ObamaCare, the TARP bank bailout, the 2009 “Stimulus” bill and Medicare Part D;
  • Worked to pass the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts and other tax relief for Hoosier families, farmers and small businesses;
  • Supported the repeal of the medical device tax that could cost more than 2,000 jobs in Indiana;
  • Supported education as a state and local issue by opposing the expansion of the federal role in education through No Child Left Behind;
  • Authored the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act, which denies any Title X federal funds from going to entities that perform, or provide funding to other entities that perform abortions. Mike has continually supported maintaining Title X funding, which is the only federal grant program solely used for family planning and related health services (with priority given to low-income individuals). He has always voiced strong support for Title X women’s health care services such as breast cancer screening, HIV prevention education, counseling, and pregnancy diagnosis;
  • Advocated for Indiana’s infrastructure needs by supporting highway bills;
  • Chaired the American Energy Solutions Group – led the fight against the cap and trade national energy tax and developed an all-of-the-above energy policy;
  • public-service4Voted to open foreign markets to Hoosier exporters;
  • Worked in a bipartisan manner to keep waterways and locks open for commerce to the port in Northwest Indiana;
  • Pushed for the adoption of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and supported a constitutional limit on federal spending.

Legislative Accomplishments for Hoosiers

Mike Pence is fond of saying that in Indiana, we do two things: we grow things and we make things. To that end, Mike has authored legislation to help Hoosier farmers, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

farmer2Farmers do more than grow crops and raise livestock, they boost Indiana’s economy. Mike’s Farming Flexibility Act allows greater flexibility for Hoosier farmers to remove acreage from USDA farm programs in order to plant fruits and vegetables. His work toward including his proposal as a pilot program for Indiana in the last Farm Bill was widely recognized in the Indiana agriculture community. As Steve Austin, Director of Government Affairs for Red Gold in Elwood, said, “Indiana should really be proud of the role Mike Pence played in getting planting flexibility relief for Indiana farmers.”

Small businesses are vital to Indiana’s economy, and Indiana has a life sciences sector that is heavily dependent on protecting intellectual property rights. Mike recognized this and advocated at the Judiciary Committee and on the floor of the House for an amendment to the patent reform legislation that would help these entrepreneurs reduce costs and uncertainty related to patent litigation. The language from Mike’s amendment is part of the new patent reform law.

Mike has also advanced two proposals into law to better protect the next generation of Hoosiers. The Truth in Domain Names Act makes it a crime to use a misleading domain name with the intent to deceive a person into viewing obscenity on the Internet. Not long after it was signed into law, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York used the law to arrest an Internet pornographer. Read the details here:

Comey, who went on to be Deputy Attorney General of the United States, said, “Mike’s work in drafting and shepherding the Truth in Domain Names Act through Congress and onto the President’s desk for his signature was integral in keeping the Internet safe for children as it allowed our office to prosecute a child predator who was previously lurking out of our reach in one of the seediest corners of the Internet. The Internet is safer today because of Mike’s efforts.”

public-service2The Child Pornography Prevention Act enables federal prosecutors to prosecute so-called “home pornographers” and closed a loophole that allowed pornographers to exploit children. Prior to Mike’s legislation, these pornographers were able to use minors in certain types of sexually explicit content and then claim they believed the minors were over age eighteen without keeping proper records. Mike successfully added this legislation to the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.

Mike worked in a bipartisan manner with colleagues on the Judiciary Committee to pass into law the Genocide Accountability Act, which allows prosecution of non-U.S. nationals who are in the U.S. for genocide committed outside the U.S. This law provides one more tool to the U.S. to combat genocide in the world.

Mike’s position on the Foreign Affairs Committee has enabled him to pass several non-binding Congressional resolutions and two important measures into law. In 2008, he authored an amendment to an annual spending bill that prohibited direct aid to the Palestinian Authority in order to clarify and reinforce that under the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006, a Hamas-controlled Palestinian Authority would not receive taxpayer funding.

Mike also worked with Democrat colleagues to pass into law the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act, which directed the Secretary of State to expand its examination of the status of freedom of the press worldwide in its annual human rights report so that governments seeking to suppress the media and free flow of information to their citizens are identified and highlighted.

Recognition by Colleagues and Independent Groups

  • Elected unanimously by colleagues to serve as Chairman of the House Republican Conference as well as the Republican Study Committee
  • One of top 25 hardest working lawmakers (The Hill Newspaper)
  • Courage Under Fire Award (American Conservative Union)
  • Superhero of the Taxpayer (Citizens Against Government Waste)
  • Manufacturing Excellence Award (National Association of Manufacturers)
  • Guardian of Small Business (National Federation of Independent Business)
  • Taxpayers’ Friend Award (National Taxpayers’ Union)
  • Spirit of Enterprise Award (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)